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Howto run IBAU import manually

If we have to run the import routine again, here are the steps to follow

Delete file

  1. Locate the already download file on brut and delete it
  2. cd /usr/local/xmldata/ibau
  3. ls -lart
  4. Ordered List Item
  5. In this example it's the highlighted “2010-12-17_ibau_projects.xml” we shall delete. (Note: The error this time was missing projects, look the diffrence in the filesize)
  6. rm 2010-12-17_ibau_projects.xml


  1. Start a browser and go to :
  2. Find and start “Webstart Now”, then we always get the latest version of the application.
  3. When the application is started, right-click the “Projects” node and choose “New soapUI Project”
  4. In the next dialog name the project “IBAU Import” and paste this url into “Initial WSDL/WADL”.
  5. Press “OK”
  6. Open (double-click) the “Request 1” from the “importIBAUProjects” method/node
  7. Fill the request exactly (except the date) like below picture
  8. IMPORTANT that all questionmarks is being removed

Tail the log and Start the import

  1. From the terminal: cd /usr/java/EnterprisePlatform-4.3.0.GA/jboss-as/server/production/log
  2. tail -f server.log
  3. soapUI: Submit the green little “arrow” in the top-left-corner of the request.
  4. Check that the log prints out information.
  5. The import should take about 1-2 hours.
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